• Seconds must leave the ring when called upon to do so. If seconds-out is called three times during one round, the opposing party wins.

  • When an athlete receives a standing 10 count during a match, the opposing party wins.

  • If an athlete receives a standing 10 count twice in one round during the preliminary match of an elimination tournament, the opposing party wins.

  • If an athlete receives a standing 10 count four times during one match during the preliminary match of an elimination tournament, the opposing party wins.

  • During the final match of an elimination tournament, the first and second clauses of the rules above apply.

  • All athletes, coaches and trainers are required to pay attention to their physical appearance. No flip-flops and/or tank tops are allowed on the stage.

  • Each match consists of three rounds. Each round lasts three minutes with a one minute break between rounds 1 and 2 and rounds 2 and 3.

  • Coaches and training partners are prohibited from entering the arena when the athletes enter the ring.

  • When an athlete is ordered to attack, he/she must attack within 5 seconds after the order or the judge will issue a warning.

  • If required, up to 5 minutes of medical treatment is permitted each match.

  • Athletes must return all competition equipment to the assembling judge at the event. Failure to do so will result in a deduction from the appearance fee.

  • Athletes are forbidden from attacking the back of the head, neck or crotch.

  • Attacking the other party using the head, elbows or any action by reversing joints is prohibited.

  • Athletes are not allowed to control the other party through the use of both hands and attacking the opponent’s knees. Attacking through hooping of the neck is allowed.

  • Taking the initiative to wrestle is not allowed, however single-leg lifting is allowed with the condition that no dangerous movements are made after single-leg lifting the other party (i.e. over-arm throwing). A sweeping-leg is allowed after a single-leg lifting to overthrow the other party as an exception.

  • Only one attack is permitted after catching the other’s attacking leg; a continuous attack is prohibited.

  • Attacking is prohibited when the other party has been knocked out and/or is in the process of standing up.

  • Using any method to throw the other party outside of the boxing ring is not allowed.

  • Using passive holding techniques to avoid an attack or fight-back. Reminders will be given when passive holding occurs twice; the third time will result in a one-point deduction punishment.

  • Knee attacks are allowed once at a time only; continuous use of such is not allowed.

  • Between rounds, the winning party shall return to the neutral corner on time. Failure to do so (i.e. such as waving or cheering on the stage) will result in seconds not being able to enter the ring until the athlete returns to the neutral corner to resume seconds-out. The athlete who is standing at the neutral corner is prohibited from placing arms on the ring ropes, nor leaning on them, and/or on the columns.

  • Attacking the other party instead of retreating after hearing the “break” order is considered a foul.

  • Each athlete is only allowed to bring two assistant coaches to the stage; any persons exceeding the limit will be prohibited from entering the stage.

  • Each athlete can wear only one layer of regular tape or ankle protector. Cotton materials and hard tapes are prohibited. All worn items will be examined by the judge before entering the stage.

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