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Wu Lin Feng (武林風) is a highly anticipated and internationally influential martial arts competition that was first televised in China. With its millions of fans around the world, WLF has since expanded around the globe partnering with multiple mixed martial arts corporations with participating prizefighters from America, Europe, Australia, Thailand, Germany, Japan, Iran, Morocco, South Korea and Vietnam as well as most of the free combat elites from China.

Since its first broadcast in January 2004, the programme has achieved an average of 10.7% of audience share, with peak audience share reaching 18%, and it has a market share of 23% against its direct competitors. In 2013, it was ranked among the top 100 most viewed satellite and cable television programs in China

In 2017, the He Nan TV WLF program crew appointed Xinflix Media Inc. in Canada as the only cooperating organisation of its China-Canada kickboxing and mixed martial arts competition. Xinflix Media/HNTV in collaboration with the Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing (“CASK”) are pleased to present the WLF East-West Kickboxing Battle Series 2017, which is approved by World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (“WAKO CANADA“), and sanctioned by Kickboxing Ontario (“KO”).

Canada for the first time, WLF collaborated with Xinflix Media Inc. and brought you the first East vs. West 2017 WLF China-Canada Kickboxing Championship Battle Series on May 16th, 2017. The event was an action packed evening.

The  2018 WLF China-Canada Kickboxing Championship Battle Series will be held on October 13th at the Pan Am Center located in Markham, Ontario.

Tickets are on sale now!

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WLF Kickboxing Battle on October 13, 2018. LIVE at Pan-am Center, Markham, Ontario.

The Energy is High. The Fight Is Real!

“An opportunity for Martial Arts fans to see the #1 team of Chinese kickboxers compete on against the Canadians. This will be the an Annual Series that we hope will last many decades,” said Patrick Hung, CEO & Founder at Xinflix Media.